Context is a custom-built database of online degree programs and schools which can be mined by students through the use of a robust comparison tool. 
Identify and capture leads
Supply a beautifully-designed website that was also SEO rich

My Part
Engineer a mobile-friendly compare tool
Incorporate lead capture opportunities that wouldn't disrupt design
Template pages that could hold massive amounts of information
Create a style guide for the website
Creating a Mobile-Friendly Compare Tool
Below are the rough ideas of how we planned to deliver tons of sortable and comparable data in one area. We focused on the challenge of how we were going to get information to start comparing.

From the homepage, we drove them through a series of questions (right, example of modal window on desktop) that would scour the database -- delivering comparable results within the tool (left, example of mobile delivery).

Creating a Classic Design for Rich SEO

Besides the comparison tool, the site needed some work. Our challenge was taking massive amounts of content and making it (1) visually appealing and (2) easy to follow and find information.
To give users the ability to skim through content quickly, we broke up sections into modules -- focusing on visually representing the content. Although pages were long, the content was easy to read and follow.
We then went through and created a style guide that could be used throughout the rest of the website. As seen below, the combination of a classic serif font and a modern, clean sans-serif font gave us a trendy collegiate look. The lime green gave us pops of color that could also allow for easier scanning of content.

Bringing Back That Marketing

Users would come in organically through the homepage, but a majority of them would come through our blog posts. We pushed blog posts on our social channels and would filter content to landing pages that would then deliver prospect info to select school for marketing.
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