Orlando Food Tours

A bunch of locals prepared to show you Central Florida's best eats.


Orlando Food Tours is a local company that wanted to give Central Floridians (and out-of-towners alike) the insider’s experience to real Orlando fare. And, perhaps, wine and dine at places you otherwise might not have tried. The branding behind their company plays into the farm-to-table feel, while lending into the modern look.
Give the foodies what they want! You can be a “self-proclaimed” foodie and/or a “lover of food” and still enjoy this tour. Park Ave. has a rich history and culture behind it that some visitors might not know about. So, the idea behind Orlando Food Tours was to bring together people that loved to try different food, while learning about the history of Winter Park.

You Had Me at Food Tour

When we were looking to re-vamp the original food tours page, I wanted to make sure that the experience of going on a food tour was more prominent than the old site. 

Since the inception of the Orlando Food Tours, they had grown their audience, built a network of relationships within the community and so we wanted to showcase reviews from tour-ees and local food columnists that went on the tour.

Family Dinner Food Tours

Before it was Orlando Food Tours, it started as "Family Dinner Food Tours" with the anticipation to share the experience of sitting around the dinner table at some of the best eats with your best buds. Here are the original logo concepts before it came what it is today.


"Wanna Spoon?"

Coming up with our phrases was probably the most enjoyable part of the whole branding process.

We also included "You had me at food tour" that is widely used on hand-outs and the food tour staff gear.


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